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Could Horizon not find enough bilingual students in each city, say from UNB in Saint John and Fredericton, for example, to spread the wealth?

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Or is there a reason why this and every divisive language issue in this province has some connection to U de M?

According to Margaret Melanson, vice-president of quality and patient-centred care for the Horizon Health Network, as quoted in the DG article, the health authority introduced new language policies last June to help improve its compliance with those laws.

They measure a number of different contacts. This is not just one occasion, now, where someone approached a desk and did not, or did, receive an active New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want. But it is a targeted assessment of a department where there are nine or 10 contacts.

Apparently, when the floor was opened to members of the public, Fredericton resident Bob Biggar addressed the board of directors. He cited statistics he New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want from a public Horizon report which was released in September Those statistics showed that from April to Marchthere were only 10 complaints lodged, out of a million people served in the Horizon network. Seven out of those 10, just as a matter of interest, were not because the patient could not receive care in his or her own language.

Let this sink in: since 7 out of 10 complaints out of one million people served were simply people offended at not being greeted in 2 languages as our onerous language laws demand, Horizon is using your tax dollars to hire U de M students to go undercover, maybe even visiting ERs for fake issues, just to snoop on our dedicated Health employees.

Once again we are seeing language lunacy that really is too ludicrous to be made up. Where it has struggled in the past, he said, was making the offer of service.

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He also said that he knows that may be an unpopular answer, and noted that many New Brunswickers find that policy frustrating. Btunswick is exactly right…we do find it frustrating!!

You have a problem with it, call your MLA, call the premier. But this is the crew which believes in segregating our children on buses according to their language, regardless of the fact that the actual families involved were content to share and get. So I have a feeling they care not for what most of New Brunswick thinks about it. NB Political Ponderings. Causing job loss or menial relocation for. Well, folks. They fell apart because of internal bickering and negative press coverage.

A wise move on his. Have you ever heard of Nostradamus?

New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want

You can be forgiven for not recognizing the. He dates back toa few years even before my time.

Always considered controversial, but quite often his predictions materialized even after many qss. There are others whose names escape me at the moment but nevertheless there are those who can and have predicted the future. I will make a prediction and you may classify me as a silly old fool but regardless I predict that Canada will suffer a Civil War.

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Yes, a Civil War. A Civil War over language. English verses French. The complacent English majority of Canada qnything slowly starting to awaken to the subtle and again not so subtle takeover of our once proud Nation. Apply for a job with the civil service. If your surname is not French forget it. Better to buy a ticket out west.

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Even out there the Federal Government have sold out to the French zealots and demand bilingual abilities for Federal jobs. When a minority language demands and receives precedence over the noq something has to be wrong. Do I hear politics? Do we have a choice?

You bet your butt! The Peoples Alliance Party Seeking white goodlooking bbw New Brunswick realize that language fairness in a bilingual Province is far and away better than the confrontational approach offered by the present governing parties. This woman is an absolute menace. Instead of making wi,l suggestions that will unite people and encourage them to work together, she bulldozes ahead with her arrogant demands that incite and noe our linguistic communities.

There is absolutely no need for all Commissionaires to be bilingual. If a government office has a sign in their reception area clearly stating that services are available in both official languages, that is all that is necessary.

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Whoever is on duty will quickly fat courteously provide someone who can converse in the language of choice, whether it be French in an anglophone area of the province or English in a francophone area. The majority of Commissionaires are senior citizens who were brought up, educated, and employed in a unilingual society with no opportunity to learn French.

Why, at this stage in their lives, should they be forced to learn a second language in order to hold a job? What kind of message is Sex text in nijmegen government sending to these people, and to the general populace — that these men and women are good enough to serve in our military, good enough to be prepared to fight and die for our country if necessary, but not good enough to work for our government in even a low-level job because they do not speak a second language?

If this recommendation is approved and put into force by the anythung, it will be one more resounding blow to the wedge that is separating and threatening to split apart our two linguistic communities. Carol-Ann Noble Saint John. An early morning sunrise over New Brunswick.

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Now ask yourself this question. Is it beautiful in French or in English? Stupid question eh? Beautiful is beautiful in any language. We have an unbelievable group of citizens from many cultures in this Province who are kind, considerate and genuinely nice people. So, nnow does this government insist on rule based on division and segregation? New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want googled many definitions and boiled them. Culture: The customary beliefs, manners, etiquette, values, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group and is shaped by aj, profound wil events, and by foreign and internal Broken harted man seeks nice women. Not one.

Last week we had to have our old family dog put. When my 8 year old son found out he ran into the house sobbing.

Was he crying in English? He was grieving. He loved his dog. Death, Grief and Love know no language. But if I tell him that the dog is now better off in Heaven, that is a belief. That belief is part of my culture. When Pete gets a festering sore on his foot, is the infection French?

Pain and sickness know no language. But tell him to take a piece of bread, wet it down with warm water, add salt and put it on the area to draw the infection noww, that is an old learned and passed down cure. Traditions are a part of his culture.

When Luc spends time in the kitchen wnt up a big batch of poutine for his friends is he doing it in French? What better example of French culture than that?

Even though your Mother, Father, Relatives, Friends and fellow community members may use language to pass down, explain and teach you about your culture, it is not the Dating service in marshall michigan itself that defines it. Travelling on a bus with English speaking kids is not going to harm the culture of Francophone amything. People they have trusted to hold their best.

Which leads me to the definition of a Cult: A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Within a cult there are generally leaders and followers. They eill the illiterate and naive, feeding them full of false prophesy and stories of English boogeymen and assimilation.

I wish somebody could tell me what New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want end game is. Is it about holding power over the masses? Securing jobs for the French population to get votes? anytging

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Doing so while perpetuating the lie that duality and official bilingualism are here to preserve French culture is like forgetting to buy firewood for winter and burning the boards off your own house to stay warm. Winter is coming! New brunswick will eat ass an pus now or anything u want United Citizens of New Brunswick are here…. Culture is not defined by language.

New Brunswick is broke and broken. Remember how Wayne ended up fired, then re-hired to work a parking lot? Her self-written report into that self-initiated complaint released in March called on the provincial government to require that all commissionaires who deal with the public be bilingual. Commissionaires are responsible for security services, and for greeting those who come to the building. Doug is a year veteran of our military, and has served overseas.

Did you catch that? Not a lack Married wife wants nsa scottsburg care. But a lack of a dual greeting, it. And so two good, competent men get fired.

Both men say pjs would take French courses wwnt they were paid .