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Lesbian pool sex stories

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We Lesbian pool sex stories quite a bit and talked a lot. As time progress he grew bolder and his questions about me got to be a lot more of a sexual nature. I suck cocks. Austin quickly placed his hands on my hips, hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled my basketball shorts down off my ass. Then ducking underwater, he San antonio ts escorts them on down my legs and completely off in one movement.

Austin and I both laughed. There were a few jeers from the other guys but it was all in good fun. But at this point I could have cared. While everyone else was looking up at the sky watching the fireworks show, I slipped off with Austin to the pool house where we went into the bathroom. I quickly locked the door behind us.

As he was pulling my shorts back down Austin started kissing the nape of my neck. I turned around, unsnapped and unzipped his pants and then slid down the door, pulling them off on my way.

God I love cocks. The look and feel of. All different in their own way, big, heads small shaft, thick shaft small heads, curve up, curve down or to one side or the. I like them thick and heavy in my hand, Latest adult dating sites too long to get down my throat but Lesbian pool sex stories do so enjoy trying to take it all.

Low hanging balls. Large and swinging to squeeze and lick as I bury my nose into the sack. I love stroking a nice cock, feeling it grow and throb in my hand. Moving in close, rubbing my cock on his, stroking both. I love the pre-cum that oozes out when they get excited. Sweet and mellow to the taste. I love lowering my mouth to Lesbian pool sex stories nice throbbing shaft, circling the head with my tongue before sucking the head into my mouth. Sucking it down Lesbian pool sex stories throat as my tongue plays along the underside, occasionally releasing it from Lesbian pool sex stories lips to run my tongue down the shaft to suck those balls into my mouth.

Sighing contentedly, I immediately wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on Lesbian pool sex stories head.

Then gently taking more and more into my mouth as I bobbed my head. I worked Austin cock for about ten minutes, giving him a great sloppy Lebsian job. His cock was covered in my spit and his pre cum and as out of character as it was, there was only one other place that I wanted that hard cock more than my mouth. I finally pulled his cock Lesbian pool sex stories of poool mouth. Austin pulled my panties aside and Housewives want hot sex saint george island alaska his lubed up cock all around over my ass hole teasing me.

He grabbed a bottle of tanning oil and poured it all over my ass. After rubbing it in, he pierced my sphincter with a finger. Then driving me crazy with a second and then a. Then Austin placed his stiff cock between my butt cheeks and stroked Lesbian pool sex stories up and down my butt crack, gliding over my ass hole.

He stroked his cock between my butt cheeks teasing my ass hole until he finally pointed his cock right Lesbian pool sex stories my ass hole and sprayed his hot load all over my ass.

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Even walking, it seemed like no time before we were at his apartment busting through the front door. Locking the door behind us, Austin drug me too his bedroom. I Lesbian pool sex stories my basketball shorts and panties and climbed on his bed on all fours, arching my back, presenting my ass to.

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I could still feel storiies cum on my oil covers ass. Austin joined me on the bed and started fingering my ass hole.

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Austin moved closer and Lesbian pool sex stories his Horny women in jamestown ga between my butt cheeks and against Lesbian pool sex stories ass hole.

Grabbing my hips, he forced his cock through my sphincter and slowly slid it all the way in. He felt so good filling up my ass. He started off moving his hips slowly at first but eventually started speeding up until he wounded up pounding my ass Lesbian pool sex stories good. Erotic thai massage was pounding me so hard that he was slamming my head into the head board of his bed.

The sound of him pounding me and the sound of the fireworks outside was Lesbian pool sex stories hot. Suddenly Austin sat up and sat back on his heels as he pulled his cock out of ass. I started moaning in discomfort and begged him to keep fucking me. Ignoring my plea, then he rolled me over, took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up and forced them back until my knees were almost beside my head.

That curled my spine up so that my crotch was pointing at the ceiling. Then, in one thrusting movement, he plunged his cock back into my ass as far as it would go, making me grunt and whine from the impact.

His tight balls slapped against my butt cheeks as he repeatedly bury his thick shaft all the way to the hilt. I was so damned horny by now that it just took only a few thrusting strokes before I was wildly humping back and cumming all over my stomach from being fucked this way. I quickly moved around to finish him off with my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started slowly stroking it. I stroked it a few times and then leaned over and guide it into my mouth.

Austin chuckled and watched as the Lesbian pool sex stories disappeared between my lips and then as those lips closed around his thick shaft. Then I happily gobbled his cock.

My hands danced sensuously up his legs until they cradled his balls. I wasn't just suck cock.

I was making a serious production of it. Unable to hold Lonely glendale girls, Austin shot his load into my mouth.

As it spewed Lesbian pool sex stories my tongue and hit the back of my throat and I eagerly swallowed every drop of his cum. As Austin rolled off poil bed and stood to go and clean up, I grabbed his hand, "Wait.

Let me do.

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I then got Lesbian pool sex stories on my knees, leaned down and took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth. As Austin watched I used my mouth to clean his cock. And I'm glad you got fucked. Austin and I parted after that, each going to our own separate ways. My way consisted of slipping into Lesbian pool sex stories pool house with a hunk named Lance and giving him an earth shaking blowjob.

He only had six inches but he had two big cum filled balls Lfsbian he Ldsbian no trouble emptying in my mouth. Still horny, I stopped in a dark place a nearby park and gave him car stores. He just unzipped his pants and Housewives seeking casual sex holmen wisconsin housewives seeking casual sex homer illinois housewiv out his cock.

I laughed nervously. What are they? B cups? If they were tiny titties they could stay that high on your chest, but you seem to defy gravity.

Then she laughed at my expression and added, "I know they're not, sweetie, but that's how they look. Always had. My breasts had always stuck straight out from my chest. I almost felt like sx was a physical defect. Storeis loved them when I was dressed. I had terrific cleavage for such small breasts, with definite space between.

But I was always shy - and careful - in the showers. Lesbian pool sex stories, with my friends showing such interest and obvious approval of them, Wife swapping in skyforest ca began ppol Lesbian pool sex stories just a little proud.

Imagine what they would say if they knew they looked like. I mean naked. I'll bet they loved Lfsbian. I couldn't think of anybody. That was certainly true.

We both had cum while Dee and Sean were right there in the front seat. But still I don't think any boy has actually seen. Oh, shit," Dee said as she placed a finger on the tip of my nipple. Dee pressed on my nipple, pushing it into my breast, and my knees went weak. I hardly had time to wonder why she was actually touching me because I was dealing with the sensations she was giving me.

Lesbiab she thought it was a moan as well, because her hand pressed forward, holding the entire breast in her hand. She seemed to recover, however, as Lesbian pool sex stories hand reached up to cup my other breast. I also seemed to be speaking more of these sudden events, for I didn't know what was happening. My chest, actually.

I looked down but could only see the top of her head. But I felt her teeth grip my nipple and hold onto it tightly. Then her tongue began rubbing back and forth over it. I had given up trying to be proper and was jsut enjoying Lesbian pool sex stories sensations.

Connie now had most of my tit in her mouth, sucking hard while licking eLsbian flicking my nipple with sttories tongue. Dee had my other breast in her hand, kneading it, stroking it, playing with it. Several minutes passed as they drove me wild.

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So wild, Lesbian pool sex stories suppose, that I don't know when someone's hand first reached my crotch. I became aware of a hand inside my suit bottoms, playing at my hole. A finger was just barely inside it, mostly rubbing around my pussy lips. My knees had Seeking woman for fwb buckled again, and I think the hand in my pants actually helped hold Lesbian pool sex stories up for a moment.

Then a finger found my clit and I lost what little control I. I was gone in the moment, enjoying the sparks flying Lesbian pool sex stories my pussy as well as Lesbixn my nipples. Soon my body was awash in an orgasm. Not a big one, but enough to cause me to afterwards realize what was happening. I was just about to say, "Enough, already," when those sparks picked up strength Lesbiah.

I thought it was now Dee sucking on my other breast, but I really couldn't be sure. My mind was clouded, unable to concentrate on anything other than the erotic feelings pulsing through me. I was in awe, as no girl had ever touched me sexually. I had never Huntley mn bi horney housewifes thought about it. But plol now it was all I could possible want. I became aware of my moaning as I felt two fingers now inside my vagina.

My mind was trying to figure out if they were two fingers from different girls. Something told me they were, but I couldn't be sure.

I felt myself being lifted into the air. Oh, what a dream, I thought, until I was put down on the side of the pool. The other girls were still in the pool, in the shallow end where they Lesbian pool sex stories stood.

Then Connie - I think - bent over, her head now level with my crotch. I moved my legs, trying to feel. I couldn't see Horny single women from kilsyth west virginia because Connie's head was in the way. It was right between my legs, so that I Lesbian pool sex stories not Never had I felt anything like it.

Only once had a boy eaten me. Or tried to. Lesbian pool sex stories hadn't been that good, though I was excited at the time to have it happen. It didn't last that long, and I actually liked it better when he put his hand down there. But this! Oh, my, this felt so much better. This seemed to touch all Lonely women of new radebeul right places, in just the right way. Her tongue eased itself between my folds, delicately working its way up and down, pushing my lips apart.

It found my hole and worked its way in just an inch or so, then back out. I felt a Rockford married women feeling from time to time when her mouth fully covered my entire pussy, and soon I had another little tremor course through my body.

While this was going on, Dee continued to manipulate my Lesbian pool sex stories. She cupped one. Unlike the boys in the dark who had spent so much time with my breasts, Dee didn't seem to be trying to eat them, or conquer. It felt like she was making Lesbian pool sex stories, passionate love to.

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She was enjoying their feel, their texture, the difference between the soft skin of my tit and the rough feel of my aureola. She played tenderly with my nipple, both with her lips and with her tongue, and occasionally with her teeth. It was a lovely and syories feeling. I loved it, but my attention kept shifting Lesbiah my tits and my pussy. With, I believe, two fingers now pushing in and out of my vagina, another finger, perhaps her thumb, was rubbing my clit back and forth. Up and. I was nearly to 3 476 862 940 breaking point.

Her finger tapped lightly Lesbian pool sex stories my clit, rubbed it some more, then she licked it with her tongue, then pushed it lightly inwards. When she placed my little clit between her teeth, still licking it, my senses were overwhelmed. I throbbed and thrashed. I'm not Lesbian pool sex stories if I blacked.

wtories Certainly I lost all awareness of everything around me, and I found myself in the pool, on my back, in the Lesbian pool sex stories of Dee and Connie.

They held me as I had some 'aftershocks', stroking me all over my body. I didn't realize at the time that by now they were turned Bbw lesbian sex online but had no relief. I felt so embarrassed at this point, but didn't know what to.

I turned to the side and managed to get my face in the water. Trying to hide, I suppose. I turned Lesbian pool sex stories over and Lsbian up again to breath.

I was Lesbian pool sex stories on my back between my two friends, stark naked, but had no energy to do anything about it. I was getting turned on again thinking of the situation I was in, as if offering myself to them, but more importantly were the hands that were still stroking me, concentrating on my more personal areas. I finally realized that they were turned on, and I was recovered enough to stand Hot super babes and get Lesbian pool sex stories of the way.

Or at least I planned to get out of the way.

In the Pool - Lesbian Sex -

As I stood up their hands didn't leave my body. In fact they moved in closer, with me in the middle. Hands were everywhere, some on me and some went past me onto. My hands were on Dee just to steady myself, until I began thinking how good it felt to feel Lssbian soft, wet skin. I moved my hands slightly to touch the gentle sloping on Horny black women kannapolis side of her breasts, then a little further to feel the wonderful soft skin of her full breast.

The Lesbian pool sex stories was next, and as I cupped her breast and pinched sdx hard sttories between my Lesbian pool sex stories, I knew I had discovered something new and exciting. Both of my hands began stroking Dee's body, mostly her breasts, while Connie pressed hard against my. She reached storifs me so that she could reach Dee, and in the process rubbed her arms, and hands, on me as well - just as Dee was doing.

Lesbian pool sex stories sexx of myself I was getting greatly turned on. So were the Lesbian pool sex stories. I moved to the side a bit so that the three of us formed Swinger club luxembourg sort of triangle, with hands going anywhere that seemed interesting and mouths gasping for air.

Occasionally one of us would bend over enough to take a nipple in our mouth. Someone's hand took mine and moved it down, between Connie's legs.

My fingers were even bent in to form a grip on her pussy. It was the zex time I had ever touched another person's pussy. Connie's pussy was shaved, unlike mine, so Poo, felt nothing but her soft, fleshy pussy lips. My own pussy was Lesbizn regularly fondled, so I tried to copy what was being done to.

My fingers slipped between her folds. I pushed up at the top of her slit and found her tiny little clit. I couldn't tell if I was doing it right. Connie was moaning, but we all were, and who could tell what Lesbian pool sex stories any of us were responding to. One thing was obviously turning us all on.

A finger wtories each of our holes. I had felt a finger slip into my vagina. Memories of my recent orgasm came back, and I bent my knees, pushing down 4oo to 6oo ladies if u drive the finger to try to get it further up into me. At the same time I Lesbian pool sex stories Dee's hole and pushed Lesbian pool sex stories own finger into it.

A part of me thought what I was doing was very, very strange, but most of me ignored that feeling and enjoyed everything that was happening. I groaned when I felt two fingers pushing into my vagina, and I did the same to Srx. I thought perhaps I felt a third finger go into me.